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  • icon of a laptop Friday, 3/16 @Online, OER (TBD)
  • face to face icon Friday, 3/23 1p-2p @Naio 203, SPOTLIGHT: OER Faculty Showcase
  • face to face icon Wednesday, 3/28 TBA @HSSI Hawaii Convention Center, TOPP Showcase (TBA)
2018 Workshops


  • Friday, 2/23 1p-2p @Naio 203, SPOTLIGHT: How to Add Human Touch to a Digital Space (watch the recording)
  • Friday, 2/23 10a-11a @Online, Kauai Community College (canceled due to heavy rains, watch his YouTube presentation)
  • Friday, 2/14 3p-4p @Lama 118, Google C4ward: Forms (add ons), Search
  • Friday, 1/26 1p-2p @Naio 203, SPOTLIGHT: Hacking the Traditional Tech to Increase Engagement (watch the recording)
  • Friday, 1/19 1p-2p @Online, What’s New in Laulima 11.4?
  • Thursday, 1/18 2p-3p @Naio 203, What’s New in Laulima 11.4?
  • Friday, 1/5 1p-2p @Online, What’s New in Laulima 11.4?
  • Tuesday, 1/2 9a-12p @Naio 203,207, Lama 118, Refresh ’18! (a Mini RECHARGE Tech Day)
  • Tuesday, 1/2 9a-10a @Naio 207, What’s New in Laulima 11.4?
2017 Workshops


2016 Workshops


Teaching Online Prep Program (TOPP)

Teaching Online Prep Program (TOPP) – Spring 2018

Date/Time Date(s) – 01/29/2018 – 03/23/2018 Teaching Online Prep Program (TOPP) is an 8-week, entirely online, asynchronous faculty workshop that assists faculty to build an online course.  Faculty will experience being an online student while learning to design: instructor presence, a learning community, and a course that meets the rules and regulations of Distance Education. TOPP Spring 2018 Banner

Learning Outcomes

After participating in TOPP, the learner will be able to:

  1. Identify and explain the pros and cons of online teaching.
  2. Identify effective pedagogical strategies for online teaching.
  3. Identify key federal, state, and ACCJC requirements in distance education.
  4. Create a Laulima course site that promotes learning.
  5. Design effective student-centered learning activities to address different learning styles.
  6. Integrate Web 2.0 tools to enhance a Laulima course site.
  7. Identify and implement accessibility and copyright.
  8. Design and develop methods to build a learning community.
  9. Demonstrate basic facilitation skills in an online classroom.


  • Week 1 – Introduction to teaching online, Important rules & regulations
  • Week 2-3 – Planning the weeks/modules & activities
  • Week 4 – Laulima’s core & communication tools
  • Week 5 – Developing the content
  • Week 6-7 Assessment tools, Enhance with Web 2.0 tools
  • Week 8 – Building a learning community, Facilitation skills

Apply Online

TOPP is an ongoing workshop.  The next round of TOPP will begin on January 29, 2018, and end on March 23, 2018. Apply now!  Fill out an APPLICATION FORM by January 12, 2018.

RECHARGE '17 Tech Day
illustration of a hand holding a cellphoneRECHARGE ’17, held on the first day of Duty Week (August 14, 2017), was an all day technology workshop brought to the KapCC faculty and staff by CELTT and the Library. There were four learning pathways:

  • Google Tools
  • Productivity Tools
  • Teaching Online
  • UH Data & Tools

Learning Outcomes

  1. Enrich all KapCC faculty and staff by sharing relevant tools and methods to improve their work.
  2. Stimulate and recharge the mind before the start of the new semester.
  3. Motivate them to create, innovate, and excel with new knowledge.
  4. Provide a venue to share their knowledge and experience with colleagues.
  5. Provide a chance to connect with peers or with the subject matter experts.
  6. Serve the staff and faculty by providing an opportunity for social learning.
  7. Bring awareness to the services of Lama Library and CELTT, and support faculty and staff throughout the year.


infographic of tech day Comments were overwhelmingly positive. Of the 89 people that registered, 73 actually attended, but 12 people walked in without registering, resulting in 85 total participants.

I really enjoyed my participation in RECHARGE -17. It was an uplifting way to start the semester – so collegial and well organized.

A comment about RECHARGE '17 Technology Day


Thank you for the wonderful workshops. I learned a great deal from all the speakers. Additionally, the event was very well organized. I look forward to your next workshop.

A comment about RECHARGE '17 Technology Day


Laulima Workshops in October 2017

The current version of Laulima 10.7 has seen many changes since it was first released in 2008.  And according to the updated LMS Search Committee timeline, Laulima will be used by the UH system at least until the end of 2019. Come to our two Laulima workshops to learn...

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TOPP Fall 2017

Teaching Online Prep Program – Fall 2017 Overview CELTT invites you to consider Teaching Online Preparation Program (TOPP), a 6-week asynchronous, entirely online training program for instructors who will be teaching online for the first time or are looking for ways...

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