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Learning Management System (LMS) FAQs

General FAQs

What LMS did the UH system decide to go with (Canvas, Sakai, D2L, or Blackboard) and when will it be implemented?

  • A:  As of now, 2019 will be the piloting of the LMS’, and spring 2020 will be the roll out but this is a tentative schedule and subject to change.  Check the UH System LMS Review site.

Is there going to be a newer version of Laulima released soon?

  • A:  ITS released Laulima version 11.4 over the winter break of 2017.  This version is said to be mobile-friendly and with a sleeker user interface.  We will place Laulima 11 video tutorials on this site and hold face-to-face and/or webinars to help you with your courses.  Please check the Training page to sign up for a workshop.


Laulima FAQs

Get the latest updates to Laulima 11.4 from the link below:


How do I add a tool (Syllabus, Lessons, Forums, etc) to my Laulima course?

  • A:  To add any tool to your course, always click on Site Info in the left menu bar and click Edit Tools at the top menu bar.  Checkmark the tool you want, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Finish.

How do I make an image full width and add space all around my images?

  • A:  To make an image full width, click Edit, right-click on your image, click Image Properties, change the width to 100%.  To add space Horizontally and Vertically around an image, add a number to the Hspace and Vspace (about 10).

Laulima Faculty FAQs from the Laulima ITS site

Laulima Faculty FAQs from RESOLVE

How do I see statistics on a student who no longer is in my Laulima class?

  • You can try adding the student back manually (Site Info > Add Participants > student email > continue > Student > Continue > Finish).  You can also add the Statistics Tool (Site Info > Edit Tools > checkmark Statistics > Continue > Finish).

How do I allow a student to post in a locked forum?

  • First, create a group with just the student (Site Info>Manage Groups>Create New Groups>add student>Save). Open Forums, next to the topic, More>duplicate topic. Open the setting of the new duplicated topic and change the student’s group to contributor and Student (all other students) to None.

How do I copy my present course and import it into my new course?

  • First, open your new course and make sure all the tools you had used in your present course is added to your new course (Site Info > Edit Tools > checkmark the tools > Continue > Finish).  Then, click Import from Site > I would like to merge my data > checkmark your present course > Continue > checkmark the tools you want to import > Finish.

How do I fix the Forum instructions opening and closing too quickly when clicked?

  • Go to your Laulima course site and select “Forums”.  Select the forum or topic’s “Settings”.  In the description section, click the “Source” button in the Rich Text Editor.  Delete this chunk of source code (it typically populates at the top): <div class=”toggle” style=””>



Canvas FAQs

Canvas FAQ’s from the Canvas Network

Teaching Online FAQs

General FAQs

According to the Essential Practices of Faculty and Lecturers Teaching Fully Online Courses checklist, the online class needs to have “regular and substantive interaction between students and faculty and student-to-student”.  How often is regular and what constitutes “substantive?”


  • A:  This WCET article explains the criteria of regular and substantive interaction: 1) Interaction must be initiated by the instructor, 2) Interaction must be “regular” and frequent (we recommend weekly or more communication), 3) Interaction must be “substantive” of an academic nature (content and quality of feedback and information), 4) Interaction must be with an instructor that meets accrediting agency standards.  The frequency and quality of communication that happens in a Face to Face classroom to engage and sustain students should also happen in online classes.


Web Conferencing FAQs

General Web Conferencing FAQs

Are we going to be using a new Web Conferencing Tool?

  • A: Yes, our contract with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra ends at the end of October 2017 and KapCC is moving to Zoom.  Be sure to save your Blackboard recordings to your computer and/or upload them to an Unlisted YouTube channel or submit a ticket to RESOLVE to request assistance.


Blackboard Collaborate Ultra FAQs

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra FAQ’s from Blackboard Help site

Storage FAQs (Google and Team Drive)
Google Drive and Team Drive FAQs from the G Suite Learning Center

Communication FAQs (Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Google+, etc)
Communication FAQs from the G Suite Learning Center



Cloud Search





Collaboration FAQs (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, etc)
Collaboration FAQs from the G Suite Learning Center







Microsoft Office FAQs

General FAQs
Powerpoint FAQs
Microsoft Powerpoint Help Center

Excel FAQs
Microsoft Excel Help Center

Screen Capturing and Recording FAQs

General FAQs
What is screen capturing or taking a “screenshot”?

What is screen recording?

  • A: Screen recording is when you use a tool (Screencast-o-matic, Camtasia, Jing) that will record a video of everything you do on your monitor (cursor movements and your narration included).  You can use these videos for student homework feedback or training videos.


Screencast-o-matic FAQs
Screencast-o-matic FAQs from the Support Page

Camtasia and Snagit FAQs
Camtasia and Snagit FAQs from the Camtasia Support Page

Laulima Workshops in October 2017

The current version of Laulima 10.7 has seen many changes since it was first released in 2008.  And according to the updated LMS Search Committee timeline, Laulima will be used by the UH system at least until the end of 2019. Come to our two Laulima workshops to learn...

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TOPP Fall 2017

Teaching Online Prep Program – Fall 2017 Overview CELTT invites you to consider Teaching Online Preparation Program (TOPP), a 6-week asynchronous, entirely online training program for instructors who will be teaching online for the first time or are looking for ways...

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