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As student enrollment has been decreasing at most campuses across the University of Hawai‘i
system, it is important for faculty to create attractive class offerings to retain student enrollment
and reach other populations not currently served by on-site programs. Providing online class
offerings may help the institution maintain its enrollment numbers and provide opportunities for
post-secondary education to individuals who are not currently being served.

Although overall enrollment saw a downward trend at Kapiʻolani CC between fall 2011 and spring 2017, the percentage of students enrolled in at least one DE class slightly increased. In spring 2017, 40.6 percent of Kapiʻolani CC students were enrolled in at least one DE class.

If you are thinking of teaching online, CELTT offers instructional design, training, and technical support. Please submit a request to get started, or sign up for a six-week Teaching Online Prep Program (TOPP) offered each semester.


Increasing Instructor Presence

Introduction Videos

Research has shown that online students who make a personal connection with their instructor are more likely to persist and succeed (Jones, Kolloff & Kolloff, 2008).  We encourage online faculty to use multiple means to increase instructor presence in the “online classroom” and connect with their students.  The following playlist is an example of instructors making the initial connection with their online students through a video introduction of themselves and the class.  These videos were made for an assignment in the Teaching Online Prep Program (TOPP), an ongoing workshop that prepares instructors to teach online.

Jones, P., Kolloff, M., & Kolloff, F. (2008). Students’ perspectives on humanizing and establishing teacher presence in an online course. In K. McFerrin et al. (Eds.), Proceedings of Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International Conference, 2008, (pp. 460-465). Chesapeake, VA: AACE.

Humanizing Online Learning

This webinar might be long (59 minutes) but Michelle Pacansky-Brock digs deeper into not just increasing instructor presence in an online course, but humanizing online learning.

Additional Resource: Behavior and Strategies for Improving Online Instructor Presence


Leigh Dooley, DE Coordinator

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Kelli Nakamura, FS DE Committee Chair

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Kristie Malterre, Counselor, Online Learner Success

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Helen Torigoe & Marisa Yamada, CELTT, Instructional Design & Faculty Support

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Disability Support Services Office (DSSO)

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