RECHARGE ‘17 Technology Day was designed for all KapCC faculty and staff to kick off Duty Week by exploring fun and practical technology that can be applied to their work.  Various workshop sessions were facilitated by the experts from our campus as well as from outside, on Monday, August 14, 2017 from 9am to 3pm in Naio and Lama buildings.

infographic of tech dayThe Tech Day offered 24 total sessions in four tracks, facilitated by 25 presenters.  We welcomed 85 staff and faculty who attended a total of 270 sessions.  Not bad for the very 1st Technology Day on our campus, thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of many colleagues. Thank you!

One participant commented: “Thank you so much for such a well-envisioned, coordinated, and organized professional development event! Topics were very well-chosen and covered a breadth of areas appropriate for and relevant to all parts of our campus community. Logistics were well-planned and things worked very smoothly and supportively for all participants as well as presenters. MAHALO for such an awesome and special day of learning.

The organizers from CELTT and the Lama Library also learned a few lessons (e.g. the lunch line was too long and the allotted time to eat was too short!) and will incorporate them into the next Technology Day.  It’s not too late to add your own comments in


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