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Created July 5, 2017 by rlowe

future Maintenance: FYE content ready to integrate back into main website. Waiting for confirmation from stakeholder Maintenance: BLT and Culinary satellite sites have been intended to be retired and integrated back into the main website for a while now. Waiting on decisions by stakeholders. Soon: Department profile system created and working. Just needs to be styled. week 05.08.17 – 05.12.17 Major overhaul to Registration information Clarification of Residency information; site formally had 4 different pages for residency information. We killed all 4 pages and worked with KISC to combine into 1 week 04.24.17 – 04.28.17 Textbook 0 courses given automated process: https://www.kapiolani.hawaii.edu/academics/textbook-zero/; […]

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Created July 5, 2016 by Craig Spurrier

future Review of content accuracy starting with campus Secretaries, Human Resources and KISC Complete policies for departments reviewed and posted Training manuals posted Search feature will be enhanced to include PDF content indexing. Currently it does not identify PDF content. text line height and general layout issues in footer needs to be fixed Sub-groups are not being listed as “currently active” in the site footers and widgets Week of Dec 7 2015 Website moved to permanent TOOK server at UH Manoa. Should be the last planned move for the site(s) Week of July 13 2015 Website moved off-site to UH […]

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Created December 16, 2014 by rlowe and last modified December 17, 2014

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