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future Maintenance: Culinary satellite site have been intended to be retired and integrated back into the main website for a while now. Waiting on decisions by stakeholders. Maintenance: Actively curating the site page-by-page for ADA Section 508 compliance. Future: Department profile system created and many presentations made; intend to make a direct link to this department page for the public but we want to give a chance for all departments to clarify and fix their records first. A couple of mystery departments listed. Future: Master Calendar on our main website. Current model puts this deliverable around the end of February […]

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future Future: one plan is to gradually relegate the “Groups” section of the site so that these function only as backend portals for stakeholders. We don’t think the Groups page(s) are very user friendly or intuitive. Encouraging stakeholders to link to documents from their unit pages (e.g. Staff Council) Future: A few units are working on improving posted Policies across all our sites; current plan is to receive word from OFIE with a current list and format; will be working to keep that list current and consistent across Main site, Ohana and near-future Academic Affairs page Future: Would like to […]

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