Last week we had a lot of fun doing a workshop on Gmail & Calendar, and this week we followed up with Introduction to Google Drive.  Even the experienced users had several aha! moments, including us who learned from our participants.  It’s not surprising that we all picked up new tips and tricks, as Google is always innovating and updating their apps.  I mean ALWAYS.  Google Apps2

A couple of ways to keep up with changes in Google products are:

A few of us from KCC attended the Hawaii Google Apps for Education (HI GAFE) Summit last month at UH Manoa, and we got loaded with information and stimulation.  Just like our students, we all learn better by learning incrementally with constant practice.  So we encourage you to practice, practice, and practice!  Let us know if you have questions – we will find the answers for you if we can’t answer them.

Happy GAFE’ing!  -ht

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