Requesting a Satellite Website

Requesting a Satellite Website

Requesting a Satellite Website

Establishing a new program website

Assign Coordinators

You should be assigning coordinators who will be in charge of writing your materials. These coordinators are expected to monitor not only the identity of your program materials but that it meets the standards outlined in our “web publishing guidelines” as well.
Coordinators will be required to have the following responsibilities
  1. Working knowledge of the website platform you are responsible for — working knowledge of basic HTML along with a comfortable working knowledge of Dreamweaver, WordPress or Joomla (whichever platform your site is published)
  2. Act as the the content manager for your site (with proper authority as granted by your department chair)
  3. Maintain and coordinate any editors or students you might assign to work on the site. This includes moderating and approving content before publication and proper enforcement for web password & security methods for these individuals.
  4. Read and understand our system graphic standards along with the standards we have here at KCC

Write your content.

CELTT will not approve or begin any work on your website without the following:

  1. Demonstrate in-person or in written form the reasons why you believe that a new website is necessary for your program. Criteria we may look for include:
    1. Who is your target audience and why aren’t they better served having your materials available directly on KCC Web or on our Intranet system?
    2. Have you appointed people in charge of the website?  If so, can they comply with all the coordinator responsibilities that come with this post?
  2. At least 50% of your intended content must be submitted to CELTT before any work is initiated.
  3. Choose a pre-approved KCC template (?)

3rd party designers

Hiring a non-KCC developer requires special care. We do NOT allow non-KCC individuals FTP or CMS access to our servers and resources. Here are the steps we recommend you take in this circumstance:

  1. Secure outside hosting; OR:
  2. Request a web-space set up on our KCC servers via CELTT (Requires a 4 week lead time from the point you make the request)
  3. Have your designer create your website with both the UH system graphic standard guidelines in mind along with our own campus guidelines.
  4. Sites hosted on KCC’s servers must be set up by CELTT staff. So we recommend having your designer coordinate with us to ensure that this is efficiently handled at the right time.
  5. We do not recommend any CMS platform that isn’t supported by our campus. WordPress or a static HTML site is recommended.
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