‘Ohana Website Report

‘Ohana Website Report

‘Ohana Website Report


  • Future: one plan is to gradually relegate the “Groups” section of the site so that these function only as backend portals for stakeholders. We don’t think the Groups page(s) are very user friendly or intuitive. Encouraging stakeholders to link to documents from their unit pages (e.g. Staff Council)
  • Future: A few units are working on improving posted Policies across all our sites; current plan is to receive word from OFIE with a current list and format; will be working to keep that list current and consistent across Main site, Ohana and near-future Academic Affairs page
  • Future: Would like to improve visibility of Forms listed on Ohana; there are differences in opinion on whether we should list forms by Department or by Function. Problem occurs when functions are performed by units that are not naturally expected to perform these roles but are done that way by virtue of legacy roles (e.g., biz cards once designed by CELTT; updating directory info via AUX SVC); ideas discussed to make a script that might resort form links between Department or Function roles.
  • Future: “Department” link is not clear. Working on ideas on how to list the many different units / departments / committees / taskforces etc that serve roles on campus. Current idea is to list this tab “Groups” (once we hide the current group role) and then list all the above unit categories under this main header. “Group” title doesn’t carry any functional academic meaning on our campus so it may be the best general title to use.

Week of Nov 13 2017

  • Title III page completed. Awaiting turnover to stakeholders for self-maintenance.
  • Academic Affairs site draft completed. Awaiting presentation and approval

Week of Oct 23 2017

  • Continue efforts updating records for Aloha United Way
  • Finished page for Staff Council; completing efforts for all 4 AGOs. Stakeholders trained and given access to upload and maintain their own minutes and documents.
  • Removed Staff Council fundraiser slide
  • Title III page work-in-progress

Week of Dec 7 2015

  • Website moved to permanent TOOK server at UH Manoa. Should be the last planned move for the site(s)

Week of July 13 2015

  • Website moved off-site to UH Manoa hosting. This should improve the reliability and performance of the site overall.

Week of July 06 2015

  • Various bug fixes and code improvements
  • Groups section modified for full-width

Week of Feb 09 2015

  • Adjusted group nesting display based on feedback
  • Added file rename and replace functions
  • Fixed bugs in Office Hours tool
  • Added icons for PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT and external links

Week of Feb 02 2015

  • Integration of Parking Ticket management tools for Aux Svc, Business Office and OSA.

Week of Jan 19 2015

  • Added support for mixed content spaces



  • Site debuted ahead of schedule due to the Quill resource being unavailable after Jan 1st 2015.
  • added: video introduction slide to homepage
  • added: “forms by department” section added to the Forms page to help find former documents hosted on Quill
  • added: reported missing links to Contract Renewal. Made link to those resources more readily available on Forms page.
  • added: added Grant information to “Tools” and “Policies”
  • added: brief description of all listed departments completed.
  • removed: department leaders (images and names) removed
  • removed: Grants section on the Forms page (until content is provided)
  • removed: icons on the Tools page
  • changed: made all posted minutes restricted (members only)


  • Group section banner inconsistent with the rest of the sections.
  • Graphic for the title graphic needs to settle on something beyond Annie’s chin.
  • Icons setup for the 6 homepage sections
  • Replace lorem ipsum across site
  • Fill out section descriptions on homepage
  • Create Ohana site intro copy and create video introduction
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