Mission and Functions

Mission and Functions

Mission and Functions


Using learning college principles, CELTT provides leadership and support for the improvement of teaching and learning. CELTT advances the college’s mission through the application of appropriate technologies and is committed to enhancing and expanding learning opportunities for students, staff, and faculty.


The Center for Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Technology (CELTT) is responsible for planning, developing, and delivering high quality computing and media resources and services for student learning, administrative operations, faculty and staff development, and delivery of instruction and services. CELTT:

  • Coordinates, develops, and implements the College’s technology plans;
  • Develops and maintains the College’s voice, data and video networks;
  • Develops and supports local area networks within instructional and administrative facilities;
  • Develops and coordinates faculty and staff professional development activities;
  • Conducts demonstrations to familiarize faculty and staff with equipment available and to enable them to operate equipment;
  • Supports the development and delivery of distance education using a variety of media, such as broadcast television, cable television, web-based instruction, or other forms of digital delivery;
  • Supports curriculum innovation using computers or media technology in the classroom;
  • Develops and maintains computing programs and services for both academic and administrative uses;
  • Works with College program heads to formulate budget requirements especially in the area of technology and technology uses;
  • Evaluates and makes recommendations on the purchase of technology;
  • Maintains and repairs media and computing equipment, including the development and implementation of preventive maintenance programs;
  • Trains faculty and staff in various computer applications and use of media;
  • Provides telephone/telecommunication services; and
  • Develops and implements applicable policies and procedures.

[Functional Statements, Reorganization Proposal, March 20, 2008, p. 5]

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