Main KCC Website Report

Main KCC Website Report

Main KCC Website Report


  • Maintenance: FYE content ready to integrate back into main website. Waiting for confirmation from stakeholder
  • Maintenance: BLT and Culinary satellite sites have been intended to be retired and integrated back into the main website for a while now. Waiting on decisions by stakeholders.
  • Soon: Department profile system created and working. Just needs to be styled.

week 05.08.17 – 05.12.17

week 04.24.17 – 04.28.17

  • Textbook 0 courses given automated process:; intend to do the same treatment for WI and S-Designation courses but we would need to plan with stakeholders to make the flags consistent.
  • STAR information updated with new instructions.

week 01.11.16 – 01.15.16

  • Site search completely replaced by Open Search Server; enhanced performance & more accuracy in searches. PDF content is now also included in search results. Future plans include having searches work across all websites under the KCC-subdomain.
  • Reverted: request taken to revert Fall 2016 calendar back to 2015 given that it was a leap-year and the dates become inaccurate. Waiting for word from KISC

week 12.14.15 – 12.18.15

  • Page titles and breadcrumb function bug fixed.

week 12.07.15 – 12.11.15

  • Entire site moved onto permanent server hosted at UH ITS Manoa campus. TOOK server. Should be the last intended move for the site intended to improve performance, security, and reliability.
  • Authentication for website management changed to CAS.

week 11.02.15 – 11.06.15

  • Bug: Page titles and nav breadcrumbs are getting appended together. The site functions normally otherwise. Ongoing search for solution to this issue.

week 09.21.15 – 09.25.15

  • Academic calendar now set to automatically swap out to new semester dates. It is set to switch over on Boxing Day and Memorial Day. The new semester must be entered before these dates or it will cause unpredictable behaviour.
  • Maintenance: requested removal of “cool places” section on the homepage
  • Maintenance: Admin staff page made live. Static version. We have a upcoming feature populating staff & faculty lists automatically from the UH database pending approval to make it live.

week 08.31.15 – 09.04.15

  • Maintenance: All program pages have been adjusted with new layouts with the intention of making them clearer to see. Descriptions of all degrees & certs now included verbatim from the Catalog.
  • Maintenance: OCET section now split into disciplines; data for courses now being pulled directly from Destiny’s API; ongoing performance issues are being addressed by 3rd party responsible to work on Destiny.

week 08.24.15 – 08.28.15

  • Maintenance: Security enhancements and bug fixes
  • Footer modifications
  • Ongoing maintenance: tweaking for Program page layout to make it cleaner.
  • Ongoing modification: enhancement to OCET pages; ongoing issues needing to be resolved with Destiny.
  • New Feature: Release of campus mobile app – integration of both the campus directory and calendars to pull from the same sources across the website and the app.

week 07.13.15 – 07.17.15

  • Main website migrated to UH ITS for hosting. Improved performance and stability expected.
  • New Feature: All academic calendar information now pulling from a GCal data source. This should open up the ability for KISC stakeholders to manage the dates directly.

week 05.18.15 – 05.22.15

  • Maintenance: Program accreditation information all up-to-date and reposted in a friendlier fashion.
  • Maintenance: Added giving opportunities “UH Foundation”

week 04.20.15 – 04.24.15

  • Many masthead photos replaced on Academic Program pages. Thanks to OCCR dept for contributing photography.
  • Updates and patches to theme and platform. Security enhancements.
  • Removed unused social media platforms by request (LinkedIn, Pinterest)
  • New Backend Feature: Academic Calendar and Holiday Calendar now managed dynamically. Will allow for future management across multiple platforms (campus displays, campus app, website)

week 03.30.15 – 4.3.15

  • Darkened link color on ʻOhana
  • Added auto-complete to directory search

week 03.23.15 – 03.27.15

  • Maintenance: fine tuned aesthetic concerns on homepage; overall white space reduction on all views and alignment of elements. Menu hover elements introduced.
  • Alteration: Service icons are now active links (e.g. service directory, academic calendar, academics) on the homepage
  • New backend feature: Service Directory page now maintained via dynamic database information. Intention to have this information pull consistently across the website and any campus apps.
  • Alteration: Footer content and search now appropriately displayed in mobile vertical view.
  • Significant speed improvements to directory search

week 03.16.15 – 03.20.15

  • Migrated remaining sites from web07 to web11 to improve performance.

week 03.09.15 – 03.13.15

  • Maintenance: update of all Academic calendars for both Fall and Summer 2015

week 03.02.15 – 03.06.15

  • Maintenance: removal of 50th UHCC slide by request

week 02.17.15 – 02.20.15

  • Alteration: Created a redundant sub-tab “How to Apply” under “Admissions” as a means to catch those who misinterpret the top menu tabs. Added flags to each link so we can track what is more effective.
  • Maintenance: “Emergency Procedures” page repurposed as “Campus Safety and Emergency Management” with intentions of adding additional security department content.

week 02.09.15 – 02.13.15

  • Fixed: Tabbed content across pages can now be printed. Previously only the active window would print. This should be addressed now and we’re testing conditions.
  • Maintenance: Admissions section(s) updated by request of KISC. Should be clearer and more standardized across most sections.
  • Maintenance: Graduation information up-to-date

week 01.26.15 – 01.30.15

  • Status: Server hardware failure across website(s). Site was brought back up around 6pm 01.16.15
  • Maintenance: Admissions overhaul (First Time College student info pages)
  • Maintenance: Health Clearance information updated

week 01.20.15 – 01.23.15

  • Maintenance: Removed do-it-now slide from homepage
  • Maintenance: Removed Flikr account icon from footer (wasn’t being used)
  • Revision: Non-credit programs listed on Academic Programs page separated into 2nd column.

week 01.12.15 – 01.16.15

  • Current status of website as of 1/13/15
  • Recently modified: OCET satellite site no longer available. All traffic directed to the live Destiny directory on our site.
  • Recently modified: Final exam schedule chart and CRN lookup updated for Spring 2015
  • Recently modified: 2015 Holidays posted
  • modified: counselor directory updated Spring 2015
  • modified: added Mammography non-credit programs to the list.
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