Chancellor Memorandum, 2005 January 11

Chancellor Memorandum, 2005 January 11

Chancellor Memorandum, 2005 January 11

January 11, 2005


TO:  Acting Vice-Chancellor Carol Masutani

SUBJECT:  Change in Responsibilities

In order to improve the College’s management of its physical facilities, I am assigning to you responsibility for all scheduling of rooms, including credit classes, non-credit classes, and community use of facilities. The goal is to optimize the use of space while meeting the facility requirements for the various learning activities. A secondary goal is to determine if community use of facilities can produce additional revenue for the College.

Specifically, I am asking your office to:

  1. develop community facilities use policies, including charge rates, for the College and a system of managing the community use of facilities;
  2. develop policies for and manage the assignment of rooms for credit and non-credit classes;
  3. be a part of the University implementation of the new CollegeNet facilities management software that integrates with Banner and provides web access for facilities scheduling and use;
  4. develop safety policies to bring the College into compliance with applicable government and University regulations.

To assist you in this effort, I am assigning Joseph Campos to work with you. Additionally, we will reallocate an additional clerical position so that Chris Neves can assume greater responsibilities for day-to-day scheduling.

Formal reorganization of these positions and adjustments to any position descriptions and classifications should follow normal procedures.

These changes are effective January 12, 2005.

John Morton


Parent: Memorandums

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