Chancellor Memorandum, 2005 January 11

Chancellor Memorandum, 2005 January 11

Chancellor Memorandum, 2005 January 11

January 11, 2005


TO: Dean Michael Tagawa

SUBJECT: Change in Responsibilities

In order to improve the College’s ability to raise private funds and to enhance the College’s communication with both its external and internal constituencies, I have asked Dean Carol Hoshiko to develop and supervise a team that can focus on college advancement. In order to provide Dean Hoshiko with adequate time to devote to this project and to ensure that Business Education has strong leadership at a critical time in its development, I am re-assigning the Business Education Department to you.

To provide you with adequate time to work with Business Education, I am asking Dean Louise Pagotto to begin work on the expansion of IMTS to create the Center for Learning, Teaching, and Technology (CELTT). During this transition, Mr. David Nakamaejo will begin serving as Director of Marketing while retaining his supervision of IMTS. Eventually, a second department chair level position will be created to support the CELTT function under Dean Pagotto. Formal organizational changes to reflect these changes will follow normal procedures.

While I would like you involved in this transition planning, it is my assumption that your day-to-day supervision of the IMTS staff will shift to Dean Pagotto and Dean Hoshiko.

These changes are effective immediately.

John Morton


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