Chancellor Memorandum, 2005 January 11

Chancellor Memorandum, 2005 January 11

Chancellor Memorandum, 2005 January 11

January 11, 2005


TO: Dean Louise Pagotto

SUBJECT: Development of the Center for Learning, Teaching, and Technology

As part of an overall effort to improve external fund-raising and marketing, I have asked David Nakamaejo to serve as marketing director for the College as a part of the overall college advancement team being built by Dean Carol Hoshiko. Helen Hamada and Gene Phillips would also serve as part of this team.

I am asking you to lead an effort to develop a full-fledged Center for Learning, Teaching, and Technology (CELTT) for the College. This Center should build on the strengths of IMTS and also should incorporate the work being done by faculty on student learning outcomes, cross-curricular emphases, and faculty professional development. The goal is to create a Center that uses learning college principles to provide faculty with one-stop support for improving learning but also serves as a focal point for leadership in improving teaching and learning.

Included in the discussion and plans should be any organization changes needed to create the CELTT, any renovation needed for the Naio building to support CELTT while also still supporting the advancement function, the development of the job description and recruitment for the leadership position, and any professional development needed by staff.

The elements of CELTT should be developed as part of the program plans due in April but the leadership position cannot be funded until July 1. You may choose to use consultants to assist with this design of CELTT and should provide opportunity for broad faculty and staff involvement. Any resulting organizational changes or changes in position descriptions should follow formal approval processes.

Mr. Nakamaejo and Dean Hoshiko will work with you on this effort. You will have authority as Dean for the supervision of the existing IMTS staff, other than graphics and printing. This authority is effective immediately.

John Morton


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