Chancellor Memorandum, 2005 January 11

Chancellor Memorandum, 2005 January 11

Chancellor Memorandum, 2005 January 11

January 11, 2005


TO: Dean Carol Hoshiko

SUBJECT: College Advancement Function

In order to improve the College’s ability to raise private funds from individuals, corporations, and foundations, and to enhance the College’s communication with both its external and internal constituencies, I am assigning you the responsibility for developing and supervising a team that can focus on college advancement. The team will consist of the following functions and individuals who will report to you:

Marla Musick – UH Foundation Director of Advancement

Ms. Musick should have overall responsibility for the College’s private-giving, including, but not limited to, annual giving, major events, donor cultivation, major gifts, Kapi‘olani’s participation in the Centennial Campaign, and management of UHF relations. UH-Foundation has indicated that they will provide the College with additional resources for major gift fund-raising, particularly for the Cannon Club project. This major gift support will also report to you as part of the advancement office.

Louise Yamamato – Director of Alumni Development

Ms. Yamamoto should have overall responsibility for the development of alumni support programs, including serving as the College’s liaison with UH Alumni Affairs. In developing alumni affairs programs, Ms. Yamamoto should focus on strategies that engage students in life-long learning in addition to more traditional alumni services.

David Nakamaejo – Director of Marketing

Mr. Nakamaejo should have overall responsibility for developing marketing strategies that are consistent with the College’s planned directions and also drive the fund development and alumni efforts. The marketing responsibilities include internal communications with College faculty and staff.

Under Mr. Nakamaejo’s supervision, Ms. Helen Hamada should be given responsibility for College publications, including the production of the College catalog, schedule of classes, brochures, and other official publications. Among Ms. Hamada’s responsibilities should be the development of a consistent practice and image for College awarded certificates. Ms. Hamada would continue to supervise the college print operations.

Vacancy – Director of Corporate and Government Relations

Until such time as the College can afford to fund this position, or you reallocate a position to fulfill this function, you will have to assume the responsibilities associated with this position. These responsibilities include high level communication and interaction with both corporate and executive governmental agencies on potential training needs or other activities of common interest.

The job development functions carried out by the extramurally funded job placement officer shall continue to report to you.

In addition to the above individuals who will report to you, Debbie Nakagawa, to whom I have assigned responsibility for legislative relations, and Bob Franco, who has responsibility for grants development under the proposed Center for Learning, Teaching, and Technology will be available to work with your team.

To provide you with sufficient time to devote to the development and management of this team, I am re-assigning the Business Education Department from you to Dean Mike Tagawa. You will retain supervisory responsibility for the Hospitality and Culinary Arts departments and for the development of the Cannon Club project. Leon Richards will be available to assist you in some key curriculum initiatives in both culinary arts and hospitality education.

I am also asking you to work with Dean Louise Pagotto, Dean Tagawa, and Mr. Nakamaejo over the Spring semester in the formal re-organization of IMTS to arrive at the best structure to support both the marketing and the CELLT functions. Mr. Nakamaejo has agreed to assume marketing responsibilities during this transitional period. You will have authority as Dean over matters related to marketing, publications, and printing.

These changes are effective immediately.

John Morton


Parent: Memorandums

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