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Feb 11, 2018 9:50 pm
Kaiāulu Lecture Series Kicks Off Monday (Feb 12th) in the ‘Ōhi‘a Building
Beginning February 12th 2018, the Kapiʻolani Community College Office of Community Relations will offer lectures that are free and open to the public. “Kaiālu,” which means community, or neighborhood, will feature topics that provide insight into Hawaiʻi’s culture and are contemporary and relevant to the college offerings and initiatives. The intent of the series is to bring the community to the college.

All lectures will be presented in the newly renovated ʻŌhiʻa Auditorium at Kapiʻolani CC, and each lecture is scheduled for 3–4:30 p.m.

Robert Franco, PhD
February 12, “Sustainability and Climate Action at Kapiʻolani Community College: We Are Still In,” presented by Robert Franco, PhD

Franco will provide a lively and engaging discussion of the college’s leadership within the University of Hawaiʻi System, the western region of the U.S. and nationally in:

-addressing statewide environmental and social sustainability issues
-developing sustainability curriculum and instruction in the liberal arts and STEM
-engaging with government, schools and local organizations to meet urgent needs for community resilience
-envisioning a green workforce and the “resilience professional” needs for our island communities
-Participants are encouraged to review the campus Sustainability and Climate Action Plan (PDF).

Franco is an ecological and demographic anthropologist whose research focuses on contemporary Hawaiian, Samoan, and Pacific Islander sociocultural issues. He oversees quantitative studies of student engagement, learning and achievement, specifically degree completion and transfer. He is also a champion of several national initiatives in science education and civic responsibility.

Feb 8, 2018 5:40 am

Sustainability Committee members,

Please try to attend as much of the Virtual Summit in the 220 Grille as your schedule allows.

Jeff has some flyers about the S-designation to put out on the tables. It would be great for Committee members to be available to answer questions.

Nicole, Cary and myself will all be on the Big Island, so we really can use everyone’s help.



Feb 7, 2018 1:30 pm

The 6th Annual Hawaiʻi Sustainability in Higher Education Summit #HSHE18 will convene from February 8-10, 2018. For the first time, this year’s summit will include a virtual symposium on both days, live-streamed  w/ capabilities for remote interaction.

Join your KCC campus colleagues in the 220 Grille (‘Ohi’a Building) on THURSDAY FEBRUARY 8 and FRIDAY FEBRUARY 9.  All Students, Faculty and Staff are invited.

On Thursday Feb. 8 (9:30-12:00), The morning will include  virtual keynotes  from the Worldwatch Institute’s Erik Assadourian (“Is Sustainability Still Possible?”) as well as the annual “State of the State Climate Update” from UH climatologist Dr. Chip Fletcher.

  • For Thursday Lunch,  the 220 Grille will provide their regularly scheduled service, so plan to stay and purchase a delicious lunch starting at 11 am( (Only lunch patrons will be able to stay after 11 am. If you decide not to stay for lunch, you may continue watching the livestream online from any location)

On Friday Feb. 9 (8:00 AM – 4:00 PM). Highlights will include a Grand Challenges of Water Symposium in the morning, feature KCC’s own Professors Daniel Swift and Jackie Lindo.

  • For Friday Lunch, please bring your own brown-bag lunch and stay for a live presentation from KCC English Faculty on “Teaching Standing Rock:  Writing Water in ENG 100” ( Maiana Minahal, Dawn Oshiro, David Uedoi and students).

Jan 31, 2018 12:39 pm


Hope everyone is settling into the new semester. This is a reminder that we have our first scheduled meeting of the semester this Friday.

As of today, we will meet in the new room  12:15 PM in  ‘Ōlapa 213 (next door to last semester’s location)

Please let me know if you have items for the agenda. Our main focus will be on planning final details for the Sustainability Summit Livestream on campus.



Committee Chair

Jan 19, 2018 11:14 am


I have learned that we will need to move our 12:15 PM meeting next door to in  ‘Ōlapa 213.

Our main topic of discussion will be the upcoming Sustainability Summit and plans for on-campus events.


Jan 16, 2018 1:40 pm


Hope everyone is settling into the new semester. This is a reminder that we have our first scheduled meeting of the semester this Friday.

As of today, we will meet in the same room/time 12:15 PM in  ‘Ōlapa 214.

Please let me know if you have items for the agenda.



Committee Chair

Dec 4, 2017 10:32 am

Committee members, please consider adding your name to the following directory.


Aloha Colleagues,

Mahalo for responding to our invitation to share how you teach and practice sustainability, climate change, and resiliency. We have received 88 respondents so far, and we know that there are many more incredible faculty, staff and practitioners out there doing incredible work on our campus and in our communities.

Please take a moment to forward this email and invite colleagues in your own community of practice to complete our brief survey that will identify themselves on the directory:

We are working to launch V.1 of the interactive directory in Spring ʻ18, and will be in touch to seek your feedback before it goes live.

Mahalo for the incredible work you do!


Matthew Kamakani Lynch
Sustainability Coordinator

Nov 30, 2017 1:45 pm


This is a reminder that we have our regularly scheduled meeting on this Friday, Dec. 1 12:15-2 pm in  ‘Ōlapa 214.

We have some news to share about the Sustainability Certificate and need to start planning some groundwork for Fall 2018. Krista Hiser will join us to provide an update.

This is also our last scheduled meeting for the Fall 2018 semester, so we can recap our progress and plan our goals for Spring semester.

Please send me any additional items that you would like to include on the agenda.



Nov 15, 2017 8:18 am


This Friday Nov. 17 the Kapi’olani Service and Sustainability Learning Program is sponsoring two great events related to sustainability and pedagogy. (see below).

To allow folks time to attend these activities, the Chair and Vice-chair have decided to cancel our regular Sustainability Committee meeting (we also will both be off-campus to attend other duties).

We will meet as scheduled on Friday December 1.  Please plan to attend.

– Wendy

Nov 14, 2017 2:41 pm

The Service and Sustainability Learning program are putting on two events on Friday, Nov. 17, in Kalia 203. Please attend and encourage your students to attend as well. Thank you.

Teaching and learning about water, 9:30-10:45 a.m.

In the first half of this session, several faculty (Economics, Hawaiian Studies, and Culinary) will share how they teach water from their disciplinary perspective.

In the second half, all participants will discuss:

  • What we know or should know about water (share your knowledge, experience and perspective)
  • How the campus and our neighborhood can serve as a living lab for teaching and learning about water

Sustainability literacy & green workforce and education, 11 a.m.-noon

In this session, presenters will start by summarizing the sustainability curriculum and its alignment with the state goals.

Then, in a team activity, all participants will explore what it means to have “sustainability literacy” or to be “literate in sustainability.” Further, they will discuss how this literacy relates to the wider community.


If you are unable to attend and want to share your thoughts, please e-mail Francisco

This Kapi’olani Service and Sustainability Learning event is sponsored by Campus Compact. We thank the UH System Sustainability Office and the FS Sustainability Committee for their support.

Below are the KCC bulletin links:

Oct 31, 2017 2:15 pm


This is a reminder that we have our regularly scheduled meeting on this Friday, Nov. 3 12:15-2 pm in  ‘Ōlapa 214.

This week we have a special guest. Chris Edmonds, Director of Auxiliary Services and Facilities  will join us to provide some updates on the campus-level sustainability initiatives.

Please send me any items that you would like to include on the agenda.



Oct 20, 2017

Thank you to everyone on the Committee who helped make today’s Sustainability Across the Curriculum event so successful!!

We had almost 30 faculty and guests drop in to talk story about Sustainability in their classes.

We completed FOUR new intakes!! (ENG 200, SF, ITS 144, SR, ESOL 94F,SF, CULN 272, SF).

A special thanks to Chef for the delicious pizza!!!  Thanks to everyone else that brought along food to share.  Minds were fed!

Our next scheduled meeting in November 3.

Have a great weekend!


Oct 5,2017


This is a reminder that we have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

We will meet in Olapa 214 at 12:15 pm.

I have attached a draft agenda.  If you would like to add to the agenda, please email me and cc’ Cary Torres (Vice-Chair).

Mahalo Wendy

Oct 2, 2017

Meeting Reminder: Friday 10/6/2017


Our next meeting is scheduled for Friday.

Please let me know if you would like hard-copies of the Sustainability Across the Curriculum flyer.

Send me any agenda items.

(I will be travelling, but Caroline Torres, our Vice-chair and Mike Ross will conduct the meeting).


Sep 17, 2017


I have updated the Sustainability Across the Curriculum flyer.  (Let me know if see any issues).

Attached is a PDF version and a JPEG version for you to distribute electronically.

I will also print out hard-copies to post in your department or distribute to select faculty.


Sep 15, 2017

Chee-hoo!! What a big day for tWebsites wereity Committee.

Today the new  Sustainability Websites  were unveiled (Mahalo Joy!!).

Public site:

Committee site:



On behalf of the Sustainability Committee and representing many semesters of persistent hard work, we submitted through KCSM a proposal for an Introductory, Interdisciplinary Academic Subject Certificate in Sustainability. (Mahalo Krista!!)

Below is pic of the sustainability committee collectively pushing the button on the proposal.

We also confirmed our Sustainability Across the Curriculum event for Friday October 20 (10 am to 2 pm).  Revised flyer to come soon! Save the date!!


Attached is our meeting minutes (also in Laulima Resources) (Mahalo Cary!!).  You will also find the Sustainability Certificate information under our Resources folder. (We will start transitioning to Ohana soon)

Have a good weekend everyone 🙂


Sep 15, 2017


We have a jam-packed meeting today with lots of new information for committee members!!

Join us in Olapa 214 at 12:15 pm

Agenda attached, but I will bring hard-copies.



Sep 12, 2017


We will have our second Sustainability Committee meeting this Friday.

I was able to secure our “new” room ‘Ōlapa 214 12:15 pm.

We will have a short visit from the UH System level Sustainability folks (Krista Hiser and Matt Lynch) and then break early.

Please let me know if you have agenda items for this meeting our next scheduled meeting.



Sep 1, 2017


This is a reminder that as part of Faculty Senate Day we have our first committee meeting today at a time/location assigned by Faculty Senate:

Sustainability Committee Fri. 9/1, 12:30-2:00 ‘Ōlapa 214

The Faculty Senate meeting starts at 11 am in Olana 202.  Everyone is invited to attend.

As current Sustainability Committee chair, I will attend and provide an update on our committee.

The FS has suggested an agenda (see below).

We also have some new courses in the S-Designation, will get some updates on system level initiatives, and will go over news on the Website (MAHALO JOY!!).



Some areas to consider discussing at your committee meetings:

[] Introductions

[] Voting of Committee Leadership:

Chairperson duties include:

·         Convening and facilitating committee meetings

·         Submitting minutes and recommendations to the Senate

·         Providing minutes and year-end reports to the Senate

·         Attending Senate meetings upon request

·         Transmitting official communications between the committee and the Vice Chair

·         Writing requested letters of acknowledgment to Committee members citing their fulfillment of responsibilities and any exceptional performance or service

·         Fulfilling other responsibilities as assigned.

Vice-Chairperson duties include:

·         Filling in duties when Chair is absent

·         Taking meeting minutes and submitting for timely posting

·         Assisting with the final year-end report.

[] Set meeting dates (Please do not schedule dates during FS Meetings)

[] Discussion:

·         Share with new members what the committee’s work has entailed.

·         Review the Faculty Senate Constitution.

·         Welcome new representatives, elect officers, continue work on holdover tasks and work on new tasks.

·         Review the Student Success Pathway Plan

Aug 29, 2017

This Friday September 1 is Faculty Senate Day.

The Faculty Senate meeting on September 1, is from 11-1 PM in Olana 202.  As current chair, I will attend and provide an update on our committee.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

At 12:30 PM  the Faculty Senate Committees are asked to convene for the first time of the new school year to welcome new representatives, elect officers, continue work on holdover tasks and work on new tasks.  

The Sustainability Committee has been assigned to ‘Ōlapa 214

We will meet on that date and then go over the proposed meeting schedule.  We likely will return to our regular meeting time of 12:00-2 pm on  Fridays, but we can discuss options.

So, to recap: Sustainability Committee Fri. 9/1, 12:30-2:00 ‘Ōlapa 214


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