Authorized Governance Organizations

Here you will find current information about our AGOs
Aloha. This index for AGOs is a work-in-progress. Please excuse the filler content for the time being. We are working closely with the AGOs finding ways we can make their content accessible to you. Please check back periodically.

Faculty Senate

The Senate strongly believes in and practices shared governance and acknowledges the strength of the faculty voice and their collective wisdom in guiding the process. We honor those who came before us by continuing their principles of inclusivity and collaboration, and welcome our campus ‘ohana to share their voices.

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Student Congress

Student Congress is the official channel between students and administration. As the official student voice, we work diligently to receive student feedback, concerns and input. We provide opportunities for students to practice and enhance their leadership skills while creating spaces that promote diversity and individual growth.

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Kalāualani shall provide a formal, independent organization through which all native Hawaiian and native Hawaiian-serving employees of Kapi‘olani Community College participate in the governance of the campus as it relates to Native Hawaiian programs, activities, initiatives and issues in alignment with the Pukoa Council, Native Hawaiian council for the University of Hawai‘i System.

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Staff Council

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